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Medicinal Properties

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The 500 healing components of Helichrysum Italicum essential oil come directly from the rocky fields near the Mediterranean where the grass is greener and the sun is brighter.


Ayurveda Massage Therapy

Support Brain and Nervous System

Helichrysum contains unique fat-soluble compounds like acetophenones as well as terpenoids,  and these compounds have been shown to really help support the nerve system. In fact, terpenoids are also found in high amounts in frankincense essential oil. But Helichrysum has some of the highest levels, and for that reason, Helichrysum is the number one essential oil you can use for any type of nerve degeneration or nerve issue.

People struggling with neuro-degeneration or cognitive dysfunction, such as Alzheimer’s disease, brain injury or suffered from a concussion, Helichrysum is the ideal essential oil. You can diffuse it around them, or you could do, what I recommend is doing about four drops and rubbing it on the neck and sometimes even the roof of the mouth. Breathing in the vapors of Helichrysum, which again is great for any type of nerve issue.

medicinal properties

Reduces Inflammation

Helichrysum is also great for reducing inflammation. In fact, a recent medical study found that using Helichrysum essential oil naturally reduces blood pressure and reduces the risk of coronary issues and heart attack.

So for that reason, Helichrysum essential oil, what I like to do is again diffuse it, really breathe in those vapors, or again a few drops, rubbing it on the neck is a great thing to do for anybody with blood pressure, anybody with high levels of stress, or anybody who’s looking to improve the overall health of their heart.

Supports Liver Detoxification

The number three reason you want to be using Helichrysum is for detoxification. Helichrysum supports liver detoxification, supports the breakdown of fatty acids, supports bile production. Your liver is really your body’s chief organ for detoxification.

For that reason, you can take four drops of Helichrysum and rub it on your left lower rib cage or right at the very bottom of part of your rib cage.  Helichrysum can support you while you’re doing that detox or cleanse. 

Maasage Oil

Great for your Skin, Healing Wounds, and INFECTIONS

And last but not least, Helichrysum oil has amazing benefits for your skin. Whether you have acne, whether you’re trying to reduce wrinkle appearance, or especially if you have scarring or sun spots or age spots, Helichrysum is effective. Helichrysum, again if you have sun spots or age spots, what my wife and I do, both is the moisturizer we use at night, we rake three drops of Helichrysum oil and put that on our face as part of our natural skincare routine. I’ve had patients who started Helichrysum oil and saw great results with wrinkles, but especially with getting rid of age spots, sun spots, or discolored skin. The reason for that is Helichrysum has large amounts of again terpenoids and acetophenones, as well as other antioxidants that are fat soluble, which help even out skin tone and again have even been shown to help heal scarring. Especially if you have acne or acne scarring, doing Helichrysum topically is a great idea.

Support Brain and
Nervous System


Supports Liver

Great for your Skin
Healing Wounds
and Infectaion

Other Uses & Benefits

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Cuts, burns, infections, rheumatoid arthritis, fever, respiratory diseases, colds and cough, scars, sunburn.

It promotes thinning of excess or hardened mucus and its removal from the body. This can effectively cure congestion and cough resulting from cold.

Curbs negative emotions and stimulates positive thoughts and actions.

You can apply the Helichrysum Italicum essential oil directly on the haematoma either in its pure form or diluted.

It can help you to sleep better, focus better, and improve your mood. It’s a great antidepressant. Use in a room diffuser and it will soothe the most fraught nerves Anyone with hypertension can certainly benefit from this.

The Flower of

Helichrysum Italicum

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Our Helichrysum Italicum plants are grown in Hercegovina, one of the worldwide heritages for more than 700 medicinal flowers & herbs. It ́s the first out of 9 essential oils we are offering.

All our essential oil batches are pure organic certified qualities. The plants are harvested by hand and brought in for distillation.