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Immortelle oil uses

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Immortelle oil uses

The wonderful immortelle flower hides a real treasure within itself, which, converted into golden drops of essential oil, helps with various problems.

The list is long, but here are the main ones:

Prevents drying of the skin Immortelle oil helps the skin retain moisture, makes it softer, smoother, resistant to drying and cracking.

Protects cell health

The regeneration of skin tissue cells and the creation of new ones are a condition of general skin health. As she suffers the negative effects of the external environment every day, any tool that helps her recover and rejuvenate is useful.

Apply immortelle oil to pimple scars

Very often, an ugly scar remains on the spot of the pimple, especially if you squeezed the pimple.

The color of the skin has changed and it takes a long time for the complexion to even out. A drop of immortelle oil should be applied to the problem area several times a day.

Immortelle oil for psoriasis and eczema This oil is especially recommended for atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, for removing scars and treating infectious processes on the skin. If you use it for this purpose as a base oil, you could take coconut oil or another one that does not irritate the skin.

Medicine for varicose veins

Among the many uses of immortelle oil is the treatment of varicose veins. For this purpose, the essential oil of immortelle is combined with calendula and horse chestnut, which you are probably familiar with when it comes to painful veins and swollen legs.

Distillation with steam produces a concentrated distillate, i.e. immortelle essential oil, which can be applied directly to painful and swollen legs.

Fragrant massage

For a particularly enjoyable massage, pour 2-3 drops of immortelle oil into argan oil. This massage has a beneficial effect on healthy skin and is particularly effective in reducing hematoma.

Apply this oil mixture to chicken pox and rosacea or pour 10 drops into the bath.

Against acne

Make an infusion by placing a handful of immortelle flowers in a bowl of water and letting it sit at room temperature, then put it in the refrigerator. Use as a face lotion several times a week as a natural acne treatment

Immortelle oil has the power to erase the signs of time on the face

In less poetic words: it works against wrinkles, and revitalizes and regenerates tired and mature skin exposed to external and internal stress. Anti-wrinkle creams help retain moisture, and prevent dehydration and cracking of the skin. It is a good ingredient that you can find in creams for 40+ Anti-wrinkle immortelle oil is also great for those with oily facial skin. It effectively stimulates skin cell renewal and is rich in antioxidants. Thanks to them, the aging process of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles on the face are slowed down. It successfully revitalizes collagen, provides the skin with enough connective fibers that it first loses during aging and thus affects the less visible wrinkles on the neck, face and décolletage.

Immortelle oil helps the skin to regenerate nicely, to look young and beautiful, restores its suppleness and shine. As part of daily care, it affects the skin’s softness, smoothness and suppleness.

Beauty recipes with immortelle oil

Nourishing Face Serum:

75% jojoba oil
5% lavender oil
15% immortelle oil
5% dark oil

For safe sunbathing:

5% immortelle oil
5% frankincense oil
1% Rose oil
3% Sandalwood oil
86% Jojoba or freshly squeezed aloe juice

For freckles and scars:

50% immortelle oil
25% cypress oil
15% chamomile oil
10% jojoba oil

Get to know the immortal plant better The Latin name “helichrysum” comes from the Greek word “helisso,” meaning sun, and the word “chrysos,” meaning gold. In ancient times, immortelle flowers were dried and presented to the Greek gods.